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Based on the statistics of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, persons of the Czech background are in the:


Totalling 1,7 mill Czech and 1,8 million of Slovak origin, together 3,5 mill potential market


Totalling 120 thousand of Czech and 50 thousand of Slovak origin, together 170 thousand of Czech or Slovak heritages.

In addition, many users of our website are Americans and Canadians visiting our website, not necessarily for their particular ethnic background, but interested in high quality of Czech and Slovak music and visual art. Here we speak highly about educated and sophisticated audiences.


Key advantages of advertising on

  • To reach more than 8,000 monthly visitors of as well as thousands of visitors of the, who are syndicating our events pages on their website
  • To reach business communities of Nebraska, Texas, Chicago, and other states and cities with a large population of Czech heritage
  • To reach tourists before/after arriving in the Czech Republic or Slovakia
  • To reach an affluent, educated and focused group audience

We are simply the best way to reach the Czech and Slovak communities, clubs and organisations in the US, Canada and Mexico.


Conceived in summer of 2006, launched its test operation during the spring of 2007 and upgraded on December 1. 2008, has become a success story.

Our mission: To help Czech and Slovak communities in the US, Canada and a few in Mexico to access cultural events from countries of their heritage by providing accurate, timely, helpful, objective information and resources on our comprehensive web server. In addition its role is to assist in co-ordination of those cultural events across North America to justify the cost of overseas transportation

Ways to promote your business with us:

  • Free Business Listing ( for CNACC&C members)
  • Targeted Banner Campaign advertising
  • Premium Business Listings
  • Real Estate Listings & Banner Ads
  • Sponsored Text Links
  • Special made-to-order campaigns
  • Articles & Interviews for the NEWS section
  • Promotion in “Gateway to Czech Culture” Internet periodical (coming in the Fall of 2009)


How do people find ?

People find in one of the following ways:

Why choose is becoming well-known throughout the Czech and Slovak communities as the number one website for locating the Czech & Slovak musical & theatrical performances and art exhibits in North America, coast-to coast ,as well as, a source for booking such performers. We provide cost effective and result-driven advertising for our clients and with full commitment to service.

Working with the business community

Being a part of the Czech North American Chamber of Commerce and Culture Inc, most of the directors have many years of experience in running their own businesses as well as assisting other businesses via the Chambers of Commerce. For the resume of the Board of Directors, please, visit the website

Work with us

By working together to find a campaign that works and returns results, becomes a true effective advertising vehicle.

To contact a representative, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Advertising Conditions & Rates as of December 1,  2010


A. Conditions:

1) Minimum duration of the advertising: 3 Month

2) You have to operate your website to which the link from banner will be directed

3) You will confirm to our banner size which are:


  • TOP Banner:  470x80px
  • RIGHT or LEFT Banner: 190x190px (preffered) -  [190x80px (min.) - 190x500 (max)

4)Type gif, jpg, png


B. Rates

Price is based on a 3-month rate paid in advance. A discount is available for 6 or 12-month orders.

Set up rate is $ 30.00 for adjustments of your materials

All prices below are in USD. Payment is preferably via


Option A: The Text Link Package
Cost: $5/month
What you get: 1 site-wide text link

Your link is placed under the “ Miscellaneous links” page.



Option B: The Banner

  • TOP banner - $ 40.00/per month
  • RIGHT banner - $ 20.00/per month
  • LEFT banner - $ 15.00/per month


  • TOP banner $ 60.00
  • RIGHT banner $ 30.00
  • LEFT banner $ 25.00


JPEG, GIF and PNG banners are accepted and animation is allowed, however, the file size cannot be more than 250kB. You can change banners at any time.


Discount for 6 month subscription - 20%
Discount for 12 month subscription - 30%


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