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Toronto, 23.October 2008

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The Czech North American Chamber of Commerce was established in Boston, Massachusetts in October 1998. At its birth, there were key personalities of Czech origin, Thomas J. Bata, of the world shoemaker fame and a well-known Canadian industrialist A. Karel Velan. The Chair of the Czech Senate, Peter Pithart participated in signing of the proclamation. The CNACC is registered as a non-profit organization in Atlanta, Georgia, with its Head office in Toronto, Ontario. Its active branches are in Chicago, Illinois and Atlanta, Georgia.

A few years later, the professional governmental agencies" Czech Trade " & "Czech Invest" were opened in Chicago and Toronto and as a result, they took over most of the original activities of the Czech North American Chamber of Commerce. In view of that fact, we needed new objectives and a new mandate.

In the fall of 2007, the sister organization, the Canada Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce had decided to continue in its original direction. The Czech North American Chamber of Commerce was, however, looking for a new direction. It found it in focussing on the co-ordination and promotion of Czech culture in North America. The Executive Director of the Chamber, Lubomir Novotny has created an unique website, which informs those Americans and Canadians of Czech heritage about incoming cultural events, specifically about tours, performances and exhibitions of Czech artists coming over the Atlantic to North America. In addition, it offers them facilitation of sharing of traveling expenses of those artists among several potential organizers.

United States and Canada have the largest Czech expatriate community in the world. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic there are some 3 million persons of Czech and Slovak heritage living in North America. The website of the Czech Embassy in Washington lists more than 163 Czech related organizations in the US. In Canada there are 37 Czech organizations. Many of them include persons of Slovak origin as well. This gives our services a market of 200 potential clubs or organizations.

In addition, there are potential interested parties such as professional concert agencies and galleries. In order to promote Czech culture, our goal is to bring together all interested parties in the Czech community in North America. Our plans include having a broad target market with management focusing on all elements of the Czech cultural life in North America, thus creating a voluntary network of Czech communities in North America.

Our services provide sourcing of cultural events from the Czech Republic, including the scheduling and coordination of a number of activities and events. It assists the Czech American and Czech Canadian organizations first in booking of an event, secondly in contractual, legal and insurance matters related to incoming Czech artist, performers, sport teams or luminaries. It has its website, for publishing available events and packages for new events, when there is a substantial interest on this side of the Atlantic.

The initiator of this project is the Czech North American Chamber of Commerce & Culture, a non-profit, non-governmental organization registered in the State of Georgia. It has a sister organization in Chicago and organizational centre in Toronto, Ontario.

This new mandate has enriched original commercial objectives of the Chamber with a new focus: promotion and co-ordination of Czech cultural events in North America. It will, however, apply the business acumen of its members to the new objectives. CNACC will work in close co-operation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Culture and The Standing Senate Commission on Compatriots Living Aboard, as well as with the Czech Center in New York and Czech Embassies in Washington D.C., Ottawa & Mexico City.

A.Karel Velan, from Montreal, a well-known Canadian industrialist of Czech origin and a benefactor of the Czech cultural projects, heads the new Board of Directors. The Vice president is Otto Masek, the President of the Chicago Chapter of the Czech North American Chamber of Commerce. The Executive Director is the founder and the developer of the Czech Events concept, Lubomir J.Novotny, based in Toronto. Among Board members are George Novak, the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Atlanta and Roman Plachy LL.M. (U.S.A.), senior associate attorney in the Atlanta office of Bridgehouse Ruckel & Bolthausen. The Board of Directors includes MUDr Martin Jan Stransky, MD, FACP, the publisher of the publication "New Presence", with his base in Prague, Czech Republic, Michael Klimesh, the founder and President of the Czech Heritage Partnership from Spillville, Iowa and Alain Nonat, Chairman and General and Artistic Director of Theatre Lyrichoregra 20 and also Chairman of the Association pour le resserrement des liens entre la Canada, la Republique Tcheque et la Slovaquie from Montreal.

Our organization is working on several major projects, such as a traveling exhibition of contemporary Czech visual art in cooperation with leading Czech cultural organizations, as well as several important events in the music area.

It will offer membership to Czech artists living both in North America as well as in the Czech Republic, offering them promotion of their works through it's website


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