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Daniel Sliz

Artistic Photographer

“The photography of Daniel Sliz is an ever-changing exploration of oneself and the physical world; bridging the realities of both into one spiritual journey…”

Vancouver Island, Canada-based artistic photographer, Daniel Sliz, is both a commercial and fine art photographer. His prominent focus over the past ten years has been the city of Prague. During his numerous journeys through the streets of Prague, Daniel became enticed by its mysteries and charms. His passion for the city has been fueled by his deep-rooted connection with Czech culture and ancestry. He has undergone the long and arduous task of capturing Prague in still images with the utmost precision, yet still preserving all of its diversity to produce a comprehensive collection of photographs.

Much of Daniel’s artistic development and abilities as an artist stemmed from his early childhood, and significantly heightened following an accident which caused an eye injury. This setback contributed to Daniel’s immense appreciation for the gift of sight, and increased his awareness and attention to detail. His images are carefully composed to elicit detail, quality, mood, and light abstracts suitable for general interest, art collectors and Prague tourism. His artistic use of light and shade transform the reality of the two-dimensional photographic images to give a sense of ‘presence’ and ‘connection’.
Daniel has traveled extensively, with independent study in the subjects of photography, art history, painting techniques, statuary, and architecture. In addition to Prague, he is experimenting with natural landscapes and finding solace in capturing mood and atmosphere with nature’s art.

His passion for the fine arts is truly evident in his work.

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